Welcome to Tacos Del Chino

Tacos del chino is born from El Sr chino founder and operator of tacos del chino El Monte California,the story started aproxtimately 30 years ago with 1 lunch truck owned by chino and his wife Martha the Rock and Balancer of the family. Time after El chino decides to sell the lunch truck and pursue an opportunity and open the first tacos del Chino taco shop 16 years to date.


Santa Ana tacos del chino is born on the vision from the daughter Marisol to expand & modernized the taco shops history with sports ,craft beer and tacos.

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We aim to home-produce as much as possible for the best quality, and to reduce food miles. Our delicious tacos, traditional recipes, meats, seasonings, sauces and secrets are produced in our own kitchens – and we use fresh produce California grown when in season. Even our fresh fruit water is produced in-house, using a traditional ancient method.



Goals & Vision

We are the friendliest, most respectful taco shop for our customers and our employees, providing the freshest produce and meats available.

Our number one priority is to be fair and honest to our customer and employees We constantly work in providing a clean and safe environment.